Data Management

At CWi Technical we understand the pressures of field trials, and the limited time organisations have to learn new systems and work with data. Our data management system takes all the requirements from you and puts your data delivery in one place. This system was the first of its kind, and while it has been copied by many, it still remains an outstanding feature.

All our new systems can be configured to work with our online system by default. Our custom programs mean that we configure your station to be compatible with email and sms alerts and also to work with our system for remote configuration.

How It Works

default data view for each unit with access to charting, reports, download, status and configurationYour system will be set to send data to us according to the systems profile that you have purchased. This may be daily, hourly weekly or much more frequent up to real time (i.e. when new data is available it is sent immediately to the webserver). From that point, all you need to do is login to your account and navigate through the unit links to the station you need to see. If real time systems are available, the page will change automatically when new data is available. This may even be every second!

Within your account, you will have access to set features, which includes charting, summary reporting, configuration, alerts, and unit state/audit. You can carry out basic data view using our custom charting system, or, if you need to do something more flexible for your reports, you can simply download direct to excel (or any other spreadsheet or text based data package) the parameters that you need for the time constraints you select.

Under our system configuration settings, you may have the option to communicate with the unit to set alert options such as windspeed alarms, frost alerts, or high temperature warnings. If these are set, then every time data is received by the system, it checks if an alert is due and sends it immediately either by email, or SMS, whichever you have configured. If your system has control capabilities, you can also activate controlled features. This might be lighting or irrigation. Our demo system is set to automatically irrigate our greenhouse, and we can change our settings in real time so that we alter the plant stress before irrigation. However, we can also manually activate the watering system. This can be done from any internet enabled device globally assuming that you have the correct access.

Within the control section of the site, you can alter the settings for targets and alerts so your weather station becomes much more than a monitoring device, it becomes a system warning and control platform.

Obviously, if you dont have the need for this technology, you dont need to use it, but it comes as standard with our data management systems so you can choose to use it at any time.

Alternative Systems

If you have a different system not supplied by us, and you wish to take advantage of our data management features, just contact us. We have integrated most types of station into our systems over the years and we can accommodate most requests.

Depending on your system, you may not be eligible for our data share scheme. We have specific quality requirements for joining this so that we can ensure a quality data environment for our customers.


Costs of Data Management

a full GSM Based weather unit in the south of FranceThe cost depends on your system and what integration package we use to get your system onto our platform. Typically it is only a few pounds per month, and so with data sharing available, you can access high quality weather data at very low cost, assured of its quality as we only allow units on which meet our strict quality requirements.

If you are interested in making use of other national and internationally located data share units by adding your own to our system, then please contact us so we can arrange a system audit. You can contact CWi Technical Ltd on

0845 680 9634

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