Equipment Management

The life of your equipment is significnantly extended if due care and maintenance is applied year after year. We estimate that all our units sold will last at least 15 years, and to date, of the units we have contact with, all are still operating. When you choose to make a significant capital expenditure in field equipment, it makes sense to ensure that your kit is managed properly.

For larger organisations with greater equipment requirements, it is easy for systems to get lost or for communication to cause issues such that unnecessary equipment is purchased when suitable systems are sitting in storage, and nobody knows about them. For situations such as this, our equipment management service is ideal. As a direct compliment to our data management service, we can also manage your station network and equipment repair and maintenance, including field service, station transfer, storage etc. Your organisation has a fixed point of contact, us, and providing you have sufficient equipment resources, we can ensure that the right stations are in the right place for the right trials.

How It Works

For a fixed monthly fee based on the number of systems you have, we cover:

  1. Annual service and Calibration
  2. System site transfer (once per year if required)
  3. System installation on purchase, and system removal on trial completion (minimum trial period of 12 months)
  4. Storage and servicing when out of service
  5. Systems configured for seperate data management for each trial

If you need a unit at a field trial at any time, you call or drop us an email with the specification and site location, telling us when the system is required on site and any additional contact information, and we ensure that the system is in field and operational for you. We can usually get systems to the field within 72 hours providing you have stock. For more information on rates, please contact us.

Alternative Systems

If you have a different system not supplied by us, and you wish to take advantage of our equipment management features, just contact us. We have extensive experience with most system types and can accommodate these into our management systems


Costs of Equipment Management

a full GSM Based weather unit in the south of FranceThe cost of equipment management depends on your system type, geographical coverage requirement and quanitity of units. We can accommodate UK, European and global service options where we handle everything from imports and exports to in country data sims.

If you are interested in making use of our equipment management solutions you can contact CWi Technical Ltd on

0845 680 9634

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