Wireless Monitoring Solutions

i Laboratory provides high quality, reliable and accurate wireless systems ready for immeidate deployment to your business. Our products are rigorously tested, and backed by our comprehensive warranty. Our highly skilled staff are experienced in all aspects of the wireless systems we provide.
Wireless dataCentre
Sensors can be provided to encompass almost any type of measurement, and the wireless dtacentre can be directly linked to our control systems to extend its capability from monitoring, to full control.

DataCentre Controller

The main DataCentre controller is capable of incoprporating upto 120 wireless sensors which can be subdivided by internal software into routine areas of your businesss, be that cold warm or ambient. The onboard control relay can be used to activate a visual and audible alarm beacon, or an autodialler system. Wireless repeater modules can be used to provide a "mesh" network ensuring that your sensors signal can always reach the base station.

Key features include:

  • Web based configuration interface
  • Simple sensor set-up
  • 120 wireless sensors can be connected
  • temperature, humidity, gas, light, pressure etc can all be accommodated
  • 24 hour UPS options available
  • Remote monitoring service available
  • Professional installation


Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensors are available to monitor a multitude of environmental parameters, including gas, temperature, humidity, light and pressure. If you have a particular requirement, its likely a sensor can be integrated into the wireless system. The sensors can either use internal probes for measurement, or can allow external probes. The probe casings have magnetised backplates so they can easily be attached to fridges or ovens.

Key features include:

  • Lightweight clean easy casings
  • Up to 5 year batterry life
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Easy fixing by magnetic backplate
  • Multiple measurement types available
CWi Technical Ltd - Monitoring equipment for frsh produce production
High quality control and monitoring for laboratories
ensure your testing is accurate by keeping track of your temperature critical environment
Constant and accurate temperature control reduces false positives
Whatever your laboratory requirement, we can help
UKAS calibrated systems can be provides at cost effective prices
We supply equipment to water testing laboratories too!
Hospital and healthcare systems available, transfusion requirements are not problem for us.
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