Data Share Scheme

CWi Technical Ltd has a vast database of weather data covering many countries and locations for differing time periods. At any moment in time, there can be several hundred weather units contributing to the system. Naturally, some data is confidential, and clients are by no means bound to share their data, even anonymously, but by choosing to share your data, you also gain access to other locations across the country of your choice covering your units online times.

Put your data in our system and gain access to other contributors in the data share scheme

How it works

When you take out data services with us, you can opt into the data share scheme. The data share scheme does not identify your trial site or location directly. It applies a precedent postcode and a town or village name usually within 3 miles of your site. We don't use grid co-ordinates and we don't identify the client either. It's anonymous data for a general location to people using your shared data, but of course, to you its site specific and detailed.

  1. Apply to join
  2. Have your system audited by us for quality purposes
  3. Start sending data - we will send you instructions on where to put data and in what format.
  4. Start seeing other shared data.
  5. Others start seeing your data.

If you opt in, you can then access other shared units with reference to their general location only. Data is availble only while you are using our service, and only for the times that your units have been online. So you can't join and get access to years of historic data, but we can offer that for sale, the proceeds of which go to the client less an administration fee. If you have had units with us for several years and we are approached for historic data, we will notify you and ask if you are prepared to sell it.

Once you stop using our service, data share is disabled and you can only access your own historic data. Data share is free to use, providing that you are on a data service package with us.

Compatible Systems

CWi Technical Ltd is quality driven, and we want to ensure that the data quality offered over data share is comparable. after all, it wouldnt be fair if we allowed someone who uploads data from a cheap inaccurate station access to high quality verified data would it?

To this end, we validate every system we choose to include on our share scheme. This will involve one of our staff attending the station, and assessing its installation, sensors and accuracy. If we deem it to be of satisfactory quality, and installed in best practice, then we will grant access to the data share scheme.

Terms & Conditions

As you would expect, there are terms and conditions applicable to the data share scheme.

  • If you are not on a monthly subscription with us, then you can only access one additional set of data per set you contribute. Therefore, if you have one system with us and you are non paying, then you can only see one other unit in a region of your choice.
  • For access to all available data in the share scheme, a monthly subscription is payable.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw your units and data share access at any time without warning or reason
  • We do not guarantee any data accuracy. We do however check that units on the system comply with our quality expectations.
  • Data is only available for dates when you are contributing data yourself. You cannot join and get instant access to historic data.
  • Other terms and conditions may be added at any time, and these are in addition to our standard terms and conditions for the sale of goods and services as demontrated on our main website.
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