Service & Support

Within i-Laboratory, we know that your temperature systems are cruitical, and that you need fast and reliable support when things go wrong in the lab. Our systems offer fast SMS, and email, as well as data gap testing to alert us to any interruptions in data in real time. This means that you should be able to see all of your data, all of the time.
As our systems are all connected to some form of backup battery system, even when your lab goes dark, through unexpected power outages, our systems continue to be available.

Service Contracts

As each business is unique to us, we understand that you can't be packaged into a single service agreement. Thats why we tailor your service requirement to your needs and budget. We can offer a range of services from:

  • 24 hour on-site service
  • Optional Parts cover
  • 24/7 remote assistance
  • Fast online support ticketing
  • European cover

Support Contacts

At any time you can contact our staff using the numbers on the contact page. We are happy to take your call and we endeavour to acknowledge all support issues within minutes.

CWi Technical Ltd - Monitoring equipment for fresh produce production
High quality control and monitoring for laboratories
ensure your testing is accurate by keeping track of your temperature critical environment
Constant and accurate temperature control reduces false positives
Whatever your laboratory requirement, we can help
UKAS calibrated systems can be provides at cost effective prices
We supply equipment to water testing laboratories too!
Hospital and healthcare systems available, transfusion requirements are not problem for us.
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NOTE: the file preparation may take several minutes if a large dataset has been chosen